Force of Habit Records to Become a Restaurant

Details on what is to come are still a bit sketchy, but according to SFist, 20th Street's Force of Habit Records (which hasn't been seen open by this blogger in quite some time) is set to formerly close up shop and become some sort of restaurant/cafe joint called “20 Spot”:

Another small, independent record shop bites the dust. Force of Habit, the little punk shop at 3565 20th Street (at Lexington) appears to be on its way to closing as SFist finds that a new restaurant/café wants to move in called 20 Spot. Force of Habit owner “Braindead” Dave Devereaux died last July at the age of 41 of unexplained causes. At the time, his family said they hoped to sell the shop and the online record business to someone who would keep it open, and a Save Force of Habit campaign launched to aid the effort. But it seems that was not meant to be.

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[Photo by Robert B. Livingston]

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damn that sucks

That’s going to be one small restaurant. What are they going to do, microwave Cup-O-Noodles?