Is this the Facebook Profile of Suspected Mission Rapist Fred Dozier?

As you might have heard, SFPD released the name (Frederick A. Dozier, 32) and mugshot of the suspected Mission Rapist, who is responsible for three notoriously violent sexual assaults that took place along 24th streets in June, November and December.

So is Fred Dozier, employee of the San Francisco Unified School District, obsessive “Crime City” gamer, 49ers fan, and emotional status updater the same man from the released mug shot?

They certainly appear to be one in the same.  This is what Facebook's Fred Dozier posted just hours before the November assault at 24th and Potrero:

And a few days after:

There were also some extremely strange remarks following and prior to the December assault at 24th and Fair Oaks:

In general, his profile is filled with “Crime City” game updates and comments about the Niners (sorted randomly):

If you'd like to help the victims of these assaults, The Fair Oaks Community Coalition is raising money to assist the victims with medical bills and living expenses until they return to work.

Donations can be made to:

24th Street Survivors Fund”
c/o Sterling Bank and Trust
3800-24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114


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His writing sounds an awful lot like a spambot – pure gibberish that occasionally reads like English.

It should be no surprise that someone who couldn’t pass a Turing Test would make poor life decisions.

“Studied at N/A”

So if this really is the guy, let the ‘splainin about how he is employed by the SFUSD begin. I don’t really see anything incriminating on his FB though, and it’s really hard to tell in the photos if that is the same guy.

I don’t think it’s him. Let’s not ruin some random guy’s life out of a misguided desire for vengeance.

Shoozooo 0 minutes ago

This animal should be shackled and paraded down 24th street while being castrated in public….a waste of human existance……do away with him

That’s him. He’s doing identical “mouth-breather” poses in both pics. Not surprising.

Whelp. You just may be right.

Ef he dint rape doze womens he def uh nutley bin rapping duh inglish langwich

It is the same guy. I am his cousin and I am shocked about this like everyone else is. I didn’t think he would be capable of this. His father was murdered a few years back, but I never thought he would end up raping someone. This is disgusting.

Where is his mother?

He deserve To sit, not that long, but he a criminal, face it.
He wouldA done better fuckin on a tramp from 3rd n palou,
I can shoot sum one n get 15, he got 376 years, die early fred, dont wait!

I was locked up in SFCJ in a segregation unit where he was held. Alot of people saw his paperwork, but nobody really caused problems with him. As per Jail/Prison politics require, a sexual offender is usually fucked with in some manner. Although this is difficult in a segregation unit, it is still possible.
Anyways, and I’m not going to say with certainty that I feel he is innocent. However when you read his paperwork, and his side of the story.. It sounds like he was set up to take the fall for a serial rapist. If the evidence was really 100% strong enough to convict him, the DA would have never offered him a plea deal of 35 to life.
He (Freddy) claimed he would fight the charges, and it got him 373 years to life, instead of what they offered (35 to life). ianI’m not a legal expert, and I’m against violence in general. However, if there are more violent rapes, assaults, and robberies involving women in the SoMa. What will the police have accomplished? Investigators like John Conway and Bill Toomey are already known, entrap, and contort evidence based on their “hunches” and “ideas” without supporting facts.
And really look at what SFPD has accomplished on Market? Mexicans posted up to buy your recently stolen goods, pills and crack being sold in the Tenderloin–within a block of the police station. Nothing is being changed, but a revolving door has been built. Other than the 49ers and the Giants… I give San Francisco a resounding F##K You.


Who looking for his mother

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