Beer Blowout

I'm not one to promote a nasty big business, but the Potrero Hill Whole Foods on 17th is currently blowing out their entire beer supply for 20% off.  That means a PBR tallboy that normally costs a buck fifty is now only $1.20.  Deal!

(Thanks for the heads up & pic, Rhiannon!)

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Or you could buy a beer that DOESN’T suck, instead.

herr doktor is obviously a miller man.

So, you don’t like to promote big business but you will for a 20% discount?

Potrero Whole Foods is actually an independent, non-profit organization not affiliated (mostly) with WF Inc. It’s the result of some byzantine legal agreement following a split between the two founders back in the days. PWF is actually somewhat respectable, supporting earth first and certain black bloc groups.

“Back in the day”? Didn’t that Whole Foods location open up just a couple years ago?

Newsflash: Some things take years to sort out. Honestly I’m surprised that has to pointed out.

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