Beer Blowout

I'm not one to promote a nasty big business, but the Potrero Hill Whole Foods on 17th is currently blowing out their entire beer supply for 20% off.  That means a PBR tallboy that normally costs a buck fifty is now only $1.20.  Deal!

(Thanks for the heads up & pic, Rhiannon!)

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Or you could buy a beer that DOESN’T suck, instead.

So, you don’t like to promote big business but you will for a 20% discount?

Potrero Whole Foods is actually an independent, non-profit organization not affiliated (mostly) with WF Inc. It’s the result of some byzantine legal agreement following a split between the two founders back in the days. PWF is actually somewhat respectable, supporting earth first and certain black bloc groups.

Newsflash: Some things take years to sort out. Honestly I’m surprised that has to pointed out.