Find This Bicycle, Get Whiskey Shots

While I recognize this blog isn't Craigslist, I feel somewhat responsible for this bike's disappearance from outside of Bender's last night by way of dumping trays of whiskey shots in front of my friends until awful hours in the morning. So, dearest Uptown Almanac readers, should you find Alissa's black Pake bicycle, we'll reward you by taking you to Bender's and showering you with trays full of whiskey shots.

It's pretty much the only bike in San Francisco I've ever seen with a multicolored chain, so if you see anyone riding a black bike with said chain, you have the green light to tackle them off the bike and liberate it from the clutches of bike thievery.

More details on the bike here.

Comments (3)

Such a beautiful machine… My bf got his bike stolen two weeks ago, and it just really, really sucks. I’d happily sacrifice mine for the chance at being forced to get a new one, but these thefts make me think a new one is not the way to go.

Crappy fixie got stolen? Sad to have someone nab your shit, true, but now’s your chance to ditch the fixie affectation and get a real bike!

The locks. We need to know what kind of locks were or were not involved.