Local Band Midi Matilda Projects Themselves All Over the Mission in New Stop Motion Music Video

Midi Matilda, the new indie electro-pop duo that's been described as a cross between “MGMT and Washed Out,” filmed their latest video all over San Francisco and Berkeley.  After shooting a whole mess of footage of themselves rocking out in studio, they projected their performance all over the streets, alleys, businesses, and AT&T utility boxes that make this town the marvel that it is, and pieced it all together for one helluva music video.

Check it:

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Yeah this shit rocks!

Nicely done! Super catchy.

They should have spent that time trying to create music that isn’t entirely unoriginal and cliche instead, but I’m guessing that would have been way too much work. But hey, it’s catchy, so it’s good! That’s all that matters right? It’s fun! Yea!

the song is your typical annoying indie hipster clone that sounds like every other song …but if you can get past that the synchronized dance moves are pretty cool, and the video is okay

I thought it was going to bust in with a Timbaland beat. Great video!

what’s with the haters? they did a great job creatively combining various original elements to promote an upbeat, positive energy that reflects a damn good time. Also, if you haven’t noticed already, for as long as music has existed in human history, the creation of music, like other forms of art, is largely a result of inspiration and influence by other works before.

Wow, I should’ve mentioned that the people that troll UA comments are assholes that have nothing better to do than be needlessly rude. Oh well.

Anyway, was thinking your songs are a little M83 in places too.

Most excellent… love the song and the visuals!

Shweet stop motion!