John Avalos to Host Happy Hour at Fashionable Capp Street Dive

Everyone already loves Uptown for its cheap drinks, bathroom art, and the various lifeforms growing on the furniture.  But if you're one of the few people that needs a specific reason to visit the place, you can head over Saturday afternoon to put back whiskey-cokes and bro down with a mayoral candidate—The People's Candidate, no less.

The event promises learning about John's party-positive vision for San Francisco, which presumably involves pool, blasting Metallica, and key bumps in the bathroom.

See you there!

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no one loves the uptown, fuck bar couches

Unlike Jeff Adachi, John Avalos didn’t call my apartment yesterday and put my answering machine on a conference call (about I-don’t-know-what) until its storage was depleted. Thank you John Avalos.