Come to San Francisco, Get a Missle-Breathing Hellbird Painted on the Side of Your Battleship

I'm all for murals of flame-tipped fowl that spit terrible foreign policy, but to flaunt American militarism around as “landscaping & population control”—in San Francisco of all places—strikes me as tacky, if not entirely devoid of basic human empathy.

(Thanks Ben!)

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That’s not a battleship.

this is fucking awesome. anyone who thinks less is lame.

What was it that Banksy scrawled on a wall in North Beach?

Gospel according to Banksy: “If at first you don’t succeed, call an airstrike.”

lmao you got on a missile cruiser and you expect basic human empathy?

Those guys are there to kill people not snuggle with them you dumbass

Surely that will endear us to the locals as we engage in nation building in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

It is what it is. I respect this truth in advertising.

So, perhaps a pinup girl like those on the front of the old WW!! bombers would have been a better choice? But then so sexist for SF.

This ship is designed for destruction. And really, there is no better description than what is stated. Bombs and missiles are to kill people and to blow up buildings.

Bunny Hugger. You are probably happy my M4 employs a bullet button. Kill all sand people that do not follow instructions. You look about the right age, go enlist and do something socially helpful for this country you enjoy so much.