Toad & Salmon's 7th Annual Chili Bowl goes down this Saturday

This event is consistently one of my favorite San Francisco summer happenings.  It's part skateboard comp, part chili cook-off, part death metal DJ set, a whole lot of daytime 40oz consumption and yelling, with a couple pools of blood thrown in for good measure.

Just give the shaky video I took last year a quick watch:

The vid obviously doesn't tell the entire story, and, if memory serves me, there wasn't much mid-80s action movie soundtrack being bumped.  Lack of hair metal aside, this is a much better time that playing whack-a-mole with roving drum circles in Dolores Park, so grab yourself a Mr. Pickle's pesto sando and post up in Potrero del Sol Saturday afternoon.

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every video on the internet ever needs a Kenny Loggins soundtrack

or kenny rodgers