Look Ma, No Hands!

I'm not quite sure what this has to do with the mayoral election, but human pandering machine John Avalos recently released a Cut Copy music video of himself biking around San Francisco.  And quite the spread it is! He turns the anti-protest ride protest ride, SF Bike Party, into an impromptu campaign rally, shows off his chops as a bike mechanic, rides back-and-forth in front of Valencia Cyclery a half dozen times, and demonstrates that the decaying mess beneath his wheels on Market Street isn't enough to throw him off balance.

See for yourself:

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He’s not pandering, he’s just cool.

KevMo has this tic were he just reflexively labels all campaigning pandering.

Whatever, it’s UA. You don’t go to Slocumbe for the burgers, rite?

Too bad he wasn’t pandering at a Mexican bakery. Then he’d be panaderiaing.

He’s not cool. He’s just pandering.

am I the only one who read that title and heard Waka Flocka Flame’s No Hands? technically wale but no one cares about wale’s verse

Jeff Adachi can track stand with no hands, then defend himself in court after getting cited for not having breaks.

….He turns me on. He is hot. I liked the part in the video where he shows his hand over his bike seat, and there and behold is his wedding ring. Was that intentional? And is he pandering? Maybe. After watching the video, I believe he may be passive aggressive. Personally, I bet he’s an animal, and thats exactly what we need right now.