Giants Merch Gets Cheap

I have no idea how this is legal I have no idea how this operation hasn't been shut down yet, but this guy has been hawking LET TIM SMOKE and other Giants merch in a ZipCar parking spot at 24th and Valencia for five goddamn bucks over the last few weeks.  Considering the very same shirts were being sold out of cardboard boxes along the Harrison bike lane some nine months ago for four-to-five times the price, it seems that even our local t-shirt profiteers have given up on this year's chances of winning a championship and are offloading whatever stolen goods they have left.

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dude, people of been doing this with steelers/pirates merchandise in pittsburgh for AGES

deal with it.

This dude and his affiliates have been posted up all over the city since last November when we won the penant. I’ve seen them (and bought stuff) at one on like 19th & Judah, and Divis & Lombard. But yeah, can’t argue with $15 hoodies. ..

There’s one at 17th and Potrero, too.

All four locations mentioned are ConocoPhillips (nee Union) 76 stations, by coincidence, so that makes it seem that these are non-counterfeit shirts getting unloaded for cheap through some agreement with whomever owns the stations.

I’ll have to check this out…

Those t-shirts about as legitimate as the Giants winning the World Series last year.. So I see no issue here.

There are a few people that have been selling these same shirts over on 19th and Judah for over a year now.

theres another one thats been at 19th and judah since those fuckers won.

They haven’t been shut down because none of the shirts use any trademarks. You won’t find a SF logo on any of them. As long as dude has a seller’s permit he’s legit. My guess is that they are selling off all of last year’s back stock to make space for the impending rally to clinch the wild card spot and charge to a second world series ring.