Help a brother out

TylerTyler, a broke-ass SFSU student, is currently in Spain and running out of funds.  His next stop is Poland, and he's going to be stuck there without some financial assistance.

In short, Tyler needs cash to continue his trek through Europe.  And he's asking you, dear reader, for help.

But he's willing to do a lot in return for your help: he'll get the tattoo of your choice, cut his hair however you like, or even write a song or story just for you.  How cool is that?

This video explains the details.

I conducted an e-mail interview with Tyler to get answers to some nagging questions.

Why are you going to Poland, and through Europe?

RyanAir (slightly questionable Euro budget airline) has cheap flights throughout the continent. I wanted to get to Berlin to see a friend, or Switzerland, and…they were out of my budget. Poland was the cheapest, so I figured I could fly there instead and hitchhike my way back, or something.

Why did you start out without enough cash to get back?

After a year of hard studying here, I wanted my last month to be spent putzing around the continent and having a good time. The no cash thing was sort of a personal limitation I set for myself—I've CouchSurfed and dumpster dived enough to know that travel's not really expensive, but I really am scraping my pennies on this one. Still, that's not stopping me!

Is this all some viral marketing thing?

Meh, not really. I am a writer, folk singer, rapper, etc, but the goal is really to get across the continent, not to promote any of my art (though if anyone sees my other videos and downloads my free CD, guess I'm not complaining!).

How much success have you had raising funds thus far?  What have you sold?

The donations are goin' alright! Just sold a romantic Skype date to this girl Rachel Zevita who almost won American Idol! Besides that, I'll be snapping a handful of pictures, writing limericks, doing one freestyle rap on public transit, writing a song. Oh yeah, and going naked for an hour! Ass tattoos still available…

Your hair seems awfully short. If I paid you to get a rainbow mohawk, how long would that take?

What's a rainbow mohawk? If that's about dyeing my hair, I'd do it if the cost of dye got covered! (Though I do have a song on my CD about how I found Poland to be homophobic, so…maybe the rainbow wouldn't fly there, haha!) I am willing to do stupid things like chopping off the middle so I look like an old man with a bald spot…


If you'd like to help out, there's more details on his website.

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help out middle class white kid get across europe.. or.. help out a poor black kid on the other side of the bay get through high school.. where should I spend my money? maybe the black kid will shave a rainbow mohawk in his hair..

Hipster Fail. He should really just give fat old Turkish guys BJs and earn his money, instead of waiting on handouts.

I want a skype date with Anonymous Coward! has conscience and likes Frank Chu? bi-winning!

Ill give him money if he hangs himself.
Really though, can we just call him “white roma”? Ill buy his train ticket to this awesome camp I heard about in poland.

This would be funnier if it wasn’t so aggravating.

This skinny, white, artistic guy would love birkenau. Nice train station, and known for having lots of people just like him…lots to do…I hear there is always something cooking!

What a fucking lame dickhead.

Uh, yeah. I need some cash to continue living at Church & Market. GIVE ME MONEY, INTERNET!

Well if he make it to poland I’m sure he will find a final solution.

Given the expected response here, he’ll make more money sucking cock in Krakow.

Ask to be deported. They’ll buy you an one way ticket. Do it from a country you don’t plan to return to anytime soon.

Er, sorry to irk the SF population so much with my little quest here…but thanks to those who’ve seen this and been supporting the journey!


Here’s an idea; I’d like to see this guy ingest an entire family size container of mayonnaise (64 oz) in one sitting. The caveat is that at least some portion of the full amount (minimum 1 oz) must be injected intravenously. The rest can be ingested orally.

I am willing to pay $20 USD, plus the cost of mayonnaise, and time spent in an internet cafe uploading this to Youtube. You find your own needle. Let me know what you think.

fuck it. people will only give him mony if they want to get one of whatever he’s offering right? how’s that different from soooo many other people selling they’r stuff online? ok y’all, stop buying the ridiculous stuff you all buy at some point just because and save all that money to help poor children in africa or wtv. hell, the guy’s not asking for money just because, he’s selling stuff, postcards, pictures, songs, stories, and other stuff you may find amusing. sorry you didn’t think about it too, whatever you needed money for, or sorry you’re not talented enough to actually sell anything of yours one day? shirt people are really intolerant when they want to. tyler man, keep on going! hats off to ya!


Oh no! You’re so broke you can’t putter around Europe any more?
And here I thought I had it rough when I was SAVING MY MONEY TO DO LAUNDRY.

Oh no! You’re so broke you can’t putta load of laundry in anymore?
And here I thought I had it rough when i was SAVING MY MONEY FOR FOOD.

…sooo THAT mentality got us no where.

As a regular site visitor i find the default image for anonymous commenters plainly annoying.

Being annoyed is not what I would define as delighting your customer.

Get rid of that loud photo so we can read the comments sans distraction.


He studied at SFSU then GTFO. Now he should just STFU.

Seriously - the are homeless people in this city that we pass every day without helping in any way. And i am going to give my money to some white shite with a vaginated last name to carouse around Europe? Eat shit. For free

Sell some of that ass and work your way thru Europe.

die hipster scum