Union Street Festival Sucks Anyways


Hey doggy I laughed when I read this sentence “The changes mean no more beer gardens and no more rock and roll music” Yeah because rock and fucking roll brings the “wilder element.” Yeah I bet it must be nuts when your heehaw ass festival gets raided by tall can wielding dave matthews fans. Ain't no dancing in this town bitches! We want to sell shitty ass freeway artwork and bracelets made out of old rocks and trash to senior citizens and sweater knots. Fucking dumb asses chewing on shitty grilled meat on a stick can't hang out in beer gardens or do whatever dumb fucking bullshit it is that they do on their lame ass stoops on Union st. Union street can suck my balls, that shit has been herbfest from the gate, amatuer hour trainwreck can stay gone. 

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you are new going to hold down a job making more than 25K a year with that kind of grammar. poor for life.

What vitriol! I haven’t heard ‘herbfest’ or ‘herb’ in some time. Most of the fairs have the shitty meat on a stick. Best fair is Fillmore Jazz with open containers allowed.

fillmore is cool, but only south of geary

Yay, a dry street festival with craftspeople selling their wares and overpriced food! This will save me a trip to the Los Altos street fair!

It’s part of a larger attack. NIMBYs who’ve lived for 30+ years near the Brickyard are trying to shut it down too, and this was part of their offensive.

First they came for Union Square drunks, and Serg said nothing.

Then the came for the blue bottle people, and serg said nothing.

Then they came for the Dolores Park crowd, and suddenly serg was all “wtf, motherfuckers?” but it was too late.

solidarity, bitches.

all fo these festivals rot. but its great to bash union street bc its the worst of the worst. the art is fking atrocious, the food tastes like rat asshole, and the idiots it attracts makes me think im in pacific beahc or some sht

hi yall, im thuglifecrunk187, and i will not be going to the onion street fair this year yall. thanks for your support. ps fuck you yankee blue jeans.