Living in SF Means You Have a Crush on the Girl at Tartine and Want to Move to The Sunset

Two of our favorite internet people, Broke-Ass Stuart and Wendy MacNaughton, have teamed up over at The Bold Italic to bring us a bang up piece on what Living in SF Means:

Living in San Francisco means continually dealing with impermanence.

It means having places you love close up forever. It means having friends get married and move to Oakland. Friends who leave to join the Peace Corps. Friends who go to rehab. Friends who lose their minds. Friends who move back to wherever the fuck they’re from. Friends who OD and never move again. It means dreading the inevitable earthquake that will ultimately wash this city into the sea.

Read the whole thing to find out about our professional lives, experience with noisy neighbors, getting sunburns on our collective cankles, and why we love reading essays like this.

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Correction: No one wants to move to the Richmond, for any reason.

So very very 18th and Guerrero, so denizens of Homestead. The problem with these things is that there are so many micro-communities that such generalizations always fall flat. Nice painting though.

That’s crazytalk. If someone were to point a gun at me and force me to move west of Divisadero, I would waaaay rather live in the Richmond than the Sunset. At least the Richmond has some culture and great restaurants… The main quality of the sunset, on the other hand, is San Francisco’s Worst Weather.

I agree - even the GGP windmill on the Richmond side is better than the Sunset one.

The richmond is tits, as long as you can get over not having a dope tacqueria.

Living in San Francisco means you are white?

Cool link bro. “Like many larger U.S. cities, San Francisco is a minority-majority city, as non-Hispanic whites comprise less than half of the population. “