Shit Too $hort Says

Hater Tuesday made it out to the Too $hort show last weekend at Yoshi's and documented the shit he said on stage, proving once and for all why a Too $hort show is better than any indie rock concert you'll ever go to:

  • How you gonna be broke when you got a pussy?”
  • What the fuck were ya’ll doin in ’89? Most ya’ll in here were in 3rd grade listenin’ to Too $hort. You wanna know what I was doin’ in ’89? I was a grown ass man. I had a drop top Cadillac, a big ass cellphone, big ropes danglin’ from my neck …driving cross the Bay Bridge gettin’ my dick sucked.”
  • Square bitches shut the fuck up!”
  • They told me to stop taking weed from the white people in the crowd.”
  • There is a girl in the front row right here… I just want to fuck her face. Girl, I feel like my dick and your face have a connection.”
  • I be fuckin’ aunties. It used to be baby sisters, now it’s aunties. I’m 45….nigga been around. Ya’ll laugh but I’m telling you, Too $hort fucked your auntie….And some mammas. Investigate. Find out ask some aunties. Don’t be surprised when they like, “How you know I fucked $hort?”

Be sure to read the whole thing to find out his opinions on having sex with grandmothers.

[Hater Tuesday | Photo by Troy Holden]

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from the SF Weekly review(

Too $hort: “Anyone got the iPad 2? I want that now, and I’m not gonna pay $500 for it,” $hort said. “I got the new iPad in the hood for like $250, with the service plan and everything. Anyone got some Harley Davidson parts?”