Hartford Street Resident Excited For Britney Spears' Castro Concert

Don't get me wrong, I also don't have anything better to do this Sunday than stand in the rain for hours so I can watch a former child star desperately crawl her way back into the good graces of San Francisco's gay community.  But to get excited enough to make a countdown window sign?  That's just sad.

[5-day-old photo by sftrajan]

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Its not sad, its funny.

Every time someone insists that gay people have an innate sense of style and taste, I can just point to this photo and say “NOPE.”

(Or I could take them out to eat in the Castro…)

Uh, *perhaps* it’s meant to be campy and funny and a bit tongue-in-cheek? I think it’s awesome.

Well, now the concert has been moved to the Civic Center Auditorium, anyway.