27 Additional Parklets Coming Soon

The Examiner reports that SF soon will have 27 new parkets, including six on and around Valencia St (Four Barrel, Ritual, The Crepe House, a private residence at Valencia and 20th, Fabric8, and Café Seventy 8), two in Hayes Valley (Mercury Cafe, Arlequin), two in the TL (Farm:Table, Bamboo Bike Studio) and a bunch more scattered around the city.

No doubt this is good news for everyone who enjoys eating food and chilling outside, and shitty news for the NIMBYs that were crying about the loss of parking and the potential for 'increased street noise' and homeless encampments near their homes.

[SF Examiner]

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Every day is PARKing Day.
(Mmm bop… BOP BOP)

it kills me when drivers cry un-fair anytime a parking space is reclaimed. we all pay sales and income tax to pay for the roads, we all inhale the exhaust, god forbid they install a handful of bike parking spaces and parklets.

Why do you neglect to understand that not everyone has the luxury of not driving (due to jobs, day to day errands, etc)? We get that you bike, and we commend you for that, but please, don’t be so high and mighty about the luxury you exercise.

i can’t tell if this is tongue-in-cheek or not. if not, are you really under the impression that driving is some sort of right and not a luxury? i’d love to have a car, will you buy me one? the rest of us have to go to our jobs and run our errands without a car. imagine that. plus a portion of whatever we earn goes to making sure you can drive your car.

Blah blah blah. Self-entitled bike feebz are doing nothing but pissing off the rest of the people and making it LESS likely that the normal, NON-obnoxious, law-abiding bike riders get blamed for the aforementioned feebs’ whiny tantrums and assorted misdemeanors.

replace ‘bike’ with ‘car’ and you essentially have both sides of the argument :)

p.s. is it really self-entitled to try and push for one or two dozen of the city’s hundreds of thousands of street spaces (280,000 by MTA’s last count) to be converted to bike parking? it’s just silly to get up in arms over this.

That’s the point that wins the argument.

No no, not at all! I am very strongly in favor of the parklets, and I similarly have small tolerance for people who complain about losing a couple of parking spaces. I mean, ESPECIALLY on Valencia that just got a ton of extra parking spaces up and down its length when MUNI killed off the 26 and the bus-stops were converted to parking spaces.