24 Hours of LeMons: Burning Man Meets NASCAR

Todd over at Telstar Logistics was fortunate enough to spend last weekend up in Petaluma watching maniacs race cars during the 24 Hours of LeMons:

Last weekend Telstar Logistics spent a damp Saturday trackside at Sears Point Raceway, just north of San Francisco, for the 2011 running of the local 24 Hours of LeMons (that's pronounced “lemons,”) a low-budget auto race where the most important rule is that participants must spend $500 or less to purchase and race-prep their cars. This rule not only keeps the race wonderfully devoid of pretension, but it also opens the door to blatant silliness and wild innovation, so that the race itself feels like a pleasant mix of Burning Man and NASCAR — or as the organizers of the 24 Hours of LeMons call it, “where Halloween meets gasoline.”

This looks like the only circuit race I could stand to watch, if only because the idea of a watching a rainbow get slammed into a wall by a car dressed like the Devil sounds like the ideal place to enjoy a bottle of Sonoma's finest $12 wine.

Be sure to check out Todd's full report for additional shots of a Road Runner car, a giant mowhawk on wheels, and a beat-to-hell Honda that's supposed to look like the Starship Enterprise.  And, for the curious, what could quite possibly be the best car of the lot:

[Second photo by blarfiejandro]

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UA reader/Mission resident/LeMons racer checking in. We ran the Back to the Future Honda DMCRX, which incidentally finished 74th/173, beating both Bernal Dads’ cars. Glad to see this getting coverage as the event is a lot of fun and pretty spectacular in person to witness even for non-race fans.

Correction, we were beaten by one of the BD’s cars – by one position! Congrats to them I suppose.