Marin Gets Bike Lanes Right

I don't have a lot of love for Marin County.  For one, it's the place that mountain biking was invented, yet all the seminal trails are now illegal to ride on. Second, everyone there drives BMWs and nothing irks me more than other people's success.  Plus, it's San Francisco's Canada.  But when it comes to bike lanes, they seem to have the right idea.  Drivers always seem to park their cars in SF's bike lanes (I blame tourists, cuz they're dumb).  It took SF years to do a damn thing about Fell.  And it's Monday morning and I need something to bitch about.

Would a simple “no parking” stencil along all the bike lanes help?  I certainly don't know for sure, but I've only had to bike around a car while shaking my fist once up there.

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“San Francisco’s Canada”

]best way I’ve ever heard Marin described. Kudos.

Not sure I would consider even this to be getting bike lanes “right.” I mean, this is still a radical improvement over what we have in The City, but to do bike lanes RIGHT you need to have a physical separation between the automobile lanes and the bicycle lanes, as is common in Europe.