Shooting Last Night in Dolores

Mike sends us this word that there was a shooting in DP last night:

FYI, there was a shooting at Dolores Park last night.

I heard the shots, and the sirens;

The cops are combing the block (20th) this AM looking for the gun…

No one at SFPD could be reached to tell us what happened.  Anyone have the details?

Update: “At least” 12 officers looking for evidence.

Update 2: Apparently SFPD returned a call to KTVU:

A 20-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries in a shooting in San Francisco's Mission Dolores neighborhood on Friday night, one of two that occurred that night. […]

The victim was standing on a corner of [20th and Dolores] when a suspect approached and shot him multiple times before fleeing on foot, Dangerfield said.

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(pic of the crimescene by unixfuzz)

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Heard maybe between 5 and 7 shots at the corner of 20th and Dolores St. Not sure what time it was, maybe 10pm-ish?

Didn’t hear anything after that (no screams, cries, etc.) for about 10 minutes, and I’m nearby, so I thought someone fired into the air. Then the cops and ambulance showed up 10 minutes later. About 15 minutes after that I saw them lift at least one person onto a gurney and move them to the ambulance.

It sounded like 6 or 7 shots to me - one at first, then the rest close together about 1 second after the first -

It sounded like a toy gun / pop gun / fireworks to me, so I didn’t think much of it, but the sirens/etc. made me realize that it likely was a gun…

- Mike

The shots were fired about 10:45pm last night. I heard them clearly. (I live at 20th and Church.) As others said, it sounded like 4 to 7 shots in quick succession. within 10 minutes there were a ton of cops and they had closed down 20th, b/w dolores and church, as well as dolores from 20th down to 19th. I walked down to the cops to confirm what i feared was the case and one of them told me they thought the shooter(s)? was on foot, as opposed to a driveby. since it had just happened, they didn’t have any more info (e.g., if robbery was involved or what.)

is it just me or are violent crimes around dolores park over the last year seeming to increase?? may be time for people who care to start requesting a community meeting with the cops to express our concerrns and here what they have to say. generally, organized citizen complaints/outcry ias the best way to get cops to increaase patrols at night, as well as other methods to stem the rising tide of violence. thoughts?

If you look at the crime stats for last year, things are actually on the decrease (except for shootings, which were on the increase due to gang feuds near cesar chavez) :

Considering what Dolores Park used to be 10 years ago, we’ve got it pretty good:…

We all chose to live in a city where crime is always going to occur in one way or another - it’s a trade off we make in order to experience all of the wonderful things this town has to offer. It’s a shame that someone was harmed in this shooting and a bit unnerving that if others had been in the immediate area they could have been hit by a stray bullet. However, an isolated incident such as this is no reason for the neighborhood to go up in arms about an ‘increase in violence’. The police already do very much to make Dolores Park a very safe place at the request of it’s more well off residents. Just take a look a few blocks away where crime is higher, rents are cheaper and residents have a harder time getting their voices heard.

I’m guessing that this hasn’t hit any media outlets due to the lack of an official police statement -

Still, it’s crazy that the shots were before 11pm last night, and it’s 2pm without any (noticeable) mentions besides this one… it’s either a non-issue (possible but doubtful) or will be run up the flagpole tomorrow.

This is macabre, but -

6 or 7 shots, and the victim is still alive?

It may be that the person has an amazing will to live, or that the shooter was completely incompetent, or that something else intervened, but it sounds strange…

Nasty blood trail - it looks like he had 4 large holes in him and a few small ones - the blotch patterns are unsettling.

We were walking home after Princess Bride at the Castro last night, walking up Dolores to Liberty, and we had to re-route to Guerrero to get around 20th. Police wouldn’t let us pass because of the dark, they had to make sure they’d cataloged all the blood. I had to get my car out of there and take it home, and it was parked right on the southeast corner of Dolores at 20th, so I had to make a u-turn on one side of Dolores (couldn’t go around the grass median)

It was insane. I’d say at least 15 police officers and 10 or so civilians being talked to at about 11:15 when I was leaving.

Let that be a lesson to those who don’t get a picnic permit.