Real Cyclist Tackles SF's Steepest Hills

There was an argument made a few months ago that “real bike people live in North Beach,” presumably because of the giant hills they have to ascend just to get to the corner store.  Well, this local cyclist/film-maker shows us that real cyclists not only go up and down SF's steepest hills, they drink coffee and do their hair in the process.

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best part of this video is the Morrissey poster that says “Our Frank” in the guy’s apartment.

Yayyy go Frank!

BadAss! Nice filming and nice cycling shown. More unique and real than a lot of visual media I see in SFMOMA representing culture.

If I may say so  BAD FUCKING ASS !

Real road cyclists don’t use granny gears, sorry.

Have you ever climbed Diablo, buckshot?

EDIT: snap, I didn’t see he had a triple. Good call.

never understimate the power of caffeine. wooot

come to the annual 7hills of hell yalls. that’s masochist fun
I took my real ‘road’ 40lb. steel frame bicyclette, w/basket and a skirt. bring it. I think Frank, I and maybe a handful of other people bike hills in the northside on a daily basis. ANY others in the northside or steephilltoplands, I’d like to meet you. thx xxo

Wow, Frank, remind me to shake your hand next time I see you on some amazing feats. Inspiring and impressive stuff. And the lines of espresso with tire levers? All win. Cheers, Alexis

Very good.
Great to see the list of steepest streets