Mostly Harmless Nerd Wants to Draw A Cat For You

Batter down the hatches and clear the tubes; the internet is going to explode.  This apex of awesome Cyber Monday deal, highlighted as a “Confusing holiday gift” by Groupon Santa Cruz, is totally worth ~33.3% of the ten free Groupon bucks they give you for signing up.  For a nominal fee, Steve Gadlin will draw a picture of a cat as you describe it, and may even document the process for the interwebz.  

I've submitted a request for a giant cat with lazer eyes shooting a dragon fly above a cityscape.  In 5-7 business days we'll see how Steve's rendition stacks up against the original.

No word yet on what this man may be capable of if his requests are denied…


Comments (2)

You spelled his last name wrong. GADLIN. He’s going to be famous some day.

…and it’s “batten” down the hatches, Zach, not “batter”…unless you’re referring to those tasty fried hatches served with cheese fries and pickle chips at Pop’s Diner on the campus of UCLA. Yummy!