Much to the disappointment of area cyclists and appalling looking people in rental cars, the Marin Headlands shut down this spring for construction for repairs.  Lucky for us, construction has finally wrapped up and we can once again ride bikes without being forced to ride through the Sausalito moneyfest and take rad HDR photos.

(photo by Jouko van der Kruijssen, who did a much better job at documenting the reopening than my iPhone did)

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Good news. Did they add somewhat of a shoulder or lane for cyclists? Never had an issue but it is mostly tourists driving on that road and not paying attention.

I would go but I think the bike side of the Golden Gate is shut down right now …

I rode it yesterday. Definitely open.

The thing that blows my mind about the view from over there is how it makes you imagine what SF looked like from that spot only a blip in time ago, like at most 500 years.

Burrito Justice, get cranking on the photoshop!

Thanks for the love.

More of my rad HDRs as well as some arguably cheesy ones and regular proper photographs are up in cafe the Blue Danube on 4th Ave and Clement street. (That’s the Inner Richmond, so it does require some of you to briefly descend out of Hipster Heaven). They’ll be up there til the end of the year. I will not go as far as saying my framed pics make a great Christmas present, but please tell your rich friends that they do.