New Sketch Comedy From Wobbly H: "Roommates"

If you're into longer, darker sketch comedy, Wobbly H, fronted by local comedian Corey Loykasek, is a group worth looking into.  While some of their earlier sketches had some funny gags but not much follow through, their more recent videos do a great job exploring characters on the brink of insanity and individuals whose narcissism is based purely on mediocre accomplishments.  Yes, I know having to spend five to eight minutes on any one video is pure torture, but you actually sat through Jackass 3D the other day, so I think you can manage.

Comments (2)

not bad. could definitely use an edit.

They do a show at The Dark Room once a month. Just happened on Monday, and the next one is November 20th at 10. I love the guy in the front there, Donny Divanian.