Chief Gascon Enlists Incidental Hiptards to Promote "Civil Sidewalks"

I was pretty surprised by Gascon's casting list for his latest promotional video for his so-called “civil sidewalks” proposition.  I had expected it to be a bunch of geezers having a good cry about homelessness, but was instead surprised he managed to rally a few scenesters to take up the cause.  Some of my favorites included the owner of FTC Skateshop, who complained about civility on the streets with a backdrop of skateboards and “I <3 Haters” hats, which is particularly ironic because skateboarding is all about breaking laws and not being civil in public. Another “Mission Resident,” chilling at the 22nd St. parklett where people sit and lie nearly 24/7, was also opposed.

“Oh noes, homeless people aren't buying my beauty supplies.”

However, the real highlight of this three minute short is the empty-framed, sailor-tatted Megan Schnider, who starts going on about people with “like, chickens running around.”  I'm seriously waiting for the memenets to discover this one and autotune the shit out of it.  Think of the potential people!  An autotuned ditzy voice, psychedelic techno beats, animated gifs of dancing chickens and random sounds of clucking thrown in for good measure.  It'd be like hatebeak, only much funnier.

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Not only is Megan the hottest woman EVER, she’s also the nicest.

a skate shop bitching about “uncivil sidewalks” is like a head shop complaining about secondhand smoke.

Go work in the Haight like I did from 1996-2000. It sucks and the dirtbags who litter the street suck as well. It’s funny how anyone can be against this unless you are the typical I’ll-live-in-SF-for-4-years-and-really-speak-my-progressive-mind-until-I-move-home-or-to-the-Northwest-transient.

I like how they slide the guys from North Beach in for the next-to-last image -

What they didn’t show, and wouldn’t show on a promo bit, is the fact that sit-lie will be used to move people off of the sidewalks in the Tenderloin, on Market Street, and just about any-old-where that the cops want - *including* things like clearing sidewalks immediately after events end (Pink Saturday / street fairs / etc), ending protests early and… well… anything else you can do once the ‘commons’ nature of the public sidewalk is freely given to the police.


Exactly, it’s not the dirtbags I’m sympathetic towards, it’s the broad impact this law has. Also, I love chickens.

OMG I can get my stroller past! I really don’t like breeder Gen Xers pushing their brood in expensive strollers. Hey Karen, maybe if your kids walked they would learn some self reliance?