Coupon Day (Thankfully) Gone Forever

The saintly students over at Mission Loc@l bring news that Rainbow Grocery has slaughtered coupon day dead. This is fantastic news for normal people who don't purchase $400+ dollars worth of multivitamins because now we get to shop there everyday of the year without waiting in 45 minute lines while our hot neighbor buys 20 pounds of bananas she'll never eat.  Before you go all Abbie Hoffman on Rainbow, you can get 10% off your purchases everyday just for having a pulse, so no need to FREAK THE FUCK OUT.

(photo via Mission Loc@l)

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thank you rainbow. God that it was the worst feeling to walk in and realize it was coupon day. Typically it just meant I turned around and left for Food Co, same stuff anyway, right?

Now can they just do away with the “mean old ex-hippie, now buddhist-banker-genuflecting-at-the-money-tree” customers who look like an Edward Koren cartoon mashed up with a Far Side cartoon?

With a pulse yet no prerequisites, what is the cheapest way to qualify for the 10%? SFBC with a random donation?

Bike there at a random time, get in and out with 10% when you flash your SFBC card. ‘Nuff said.

Finally, an end to the phonebook molestations.

Also, this means we AT&T can stop printing phone books. No need for ‘em anymore.

once again Rainbow Douchery proves they are all about the Benjamins. The sky high prices are the cost of absolution for their customers’ class guilt, so make those fat wallet yuppies pay. I much rather go to Whole Foods where everyone is very comfortable with their station in life. the parking is much better and I don’t get hassled to sign a petition to end homelessness and/or hustled for spare change by a twitching crack addict who’s figured out that it is much easier to get change from a guilty yuppie than the jaded hipsters up in the Haight.

So you’d rather pay more to go to Whole Foods, where you can make investors rich?

Makes a lot of sense.

If the price of a basket of goods is the same at Rainbow as at Whole Foods, then does it really matter who gets the premiums, “investors” or “coop” members? At both stores, employees directly benefit from the profits, either through being coop members or from being stockholders. Whole Foods profits also benefit people like me, who have have Whole Foods stock in my 401K (a small benefit, but it’s there).

This post reeks of entitlement. Oh yeah, the whole mission now reeks of entitlement…my bad.

Thank fucking christ. Even when I was super broke, the coupons didn’t really help me that much - if you can only afford to buy $20 of stuff, you’re only saving $4, which is nice, but not really a game changer, especially if, like me, you get a 10% discount any day of the week. The people who get the most out of the coupons always were the people who could afford to buy $400 worth of bee pollen and vitamins and who could afford to pay full price anyway. I’m happy I’ll be able to run out to my neighborhood grocery store to pick up coffee any day of the week in the future.