The Best Way to Get Into Outside Lands

(Thanks Neb!)

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Classic entry. Beats saving wristbands and trying to match up the right color combo to get in.

Yo! Bum rush the show.

another instance where the early-adopters fail and the stragglers win.

Crap like that make the ticket prices go up , if they are not already expensive and much more security for another Festival if the promoters decide to do a 2011 Outsidelands, thanks assholes

Point granted but the prices for OL have done nothing but go down since inception.
The organizers are already under contract for 2011, by the way

Oh poor baby how will you survive if tickets go from $75-$80?!? That may seriously cut into your Blue Bottle or Zeitgeist budget. Just be honest, you’re pissed because you paid and these people were smarter than you and go in for free. The event is an over-priced crappy wannabe festival and I hope this is the last year.

If more fence-jumping will finally kill the zombie remains of this awful festival, then I’m all for the jumpers.

Actions sometimes have consequences. Especially when the police are involved. When you are all bitching next year that there is no Outside Lands, or that the police have closed all of Golden Gate Park to increase the size of the security zone to avoid a repeat of this from happening, remember this video. This isn’t “free shit” or “Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it” as it has been tagged, and it is not cool. It is theft, and it is dangerous as hell. It is theft from the artists, theft from the promoters, and theft from all of the paying customers, both this year and in the future, if there is a future for Outside Lands.

You are making it seem like thousands of people flooded into the event for free. I have seen this and other videos of the incident and MAYBE 50 got in, which I highly doubt is going to break the Outside Lands Festival’s bank. Maybe if the event charged reasonable ticket prices people wouldn’t be forced to sneak into the event. Pitchfork Fest, which has much better bands, only charges $40 per day and I never hear about people breaking into that event.

You obviously haven’t looked very hard. Just search for “pitchfork fest snuck in” in your favorite search engine. And if you think this is about the number of people that got in, you’re naive.

OHHH MAN.. YOU MEAN KINGS OF LEON LOST A COUPLE BUCKS?? damn….feel for those guys.

Hundreds of support people work to even get those acts on the stage, and those people often make barely enough to get by.

It’s pretty stupid that you have to break into a public park.

Private events are held in public parks all over the world every day.

the sooner they end that shitty festival the better.

It is Chromeo after all.

The gate could have crushed someone on the other side, or the horses could have gone nuts on someone or a trigger happy police officer could have started shooting by mistake… Why rush the gate and cause chaos and put others at risk, just cut a hole or go under in a private place you scoped out behind trees or bribe someone or get a friend on the inside to help you in. Cmon now. Inconsiderate.
Any money these guys had was probably still spent inside on beer and food, so the promoters got it anyway. They saved on the ticket, sure, but most people will spend that “savings” elsewhere inside, that’s what I do anyway.

Or dig a tunnel underneath, or swing across Tarzan style, or freefall from a plane in an inflatable sumo suit, or walk over in stilts, or bounce over with those stupid Z-coil kicks, or just bust out the jetpack. There’s a million ways to sneak in, so what. The point is I FELT like I was right there with this next level POV shit.