Where's my ChatRoulette App? I'm ready for Facial Time

My iPhone caught me using the land line last night.  Fuck off, I need my space.

Say what you want about the external antenna.  I had to watch a YouTube tutorial to figure out the exact way to hold the iPhone 4 to make it lose bars.  Believe me, It wasn't easy and was very, very uncomfortable.  The only people this “flaw” could possibly affect are mutant lefties with highly trained kung-fu grips.  And if that's how you hold a phone, you're definitely not somebody that I want to shake hands with. 

However unnecessary or limited it may be, Face Time is rad.  Seriously, this shit is going to revolutionize being pervy on ChatRoulette.  Once we have an app for that, you'll be able to connect, look at my face, and then switch to the back camera for a surprise shot of me wanking it.  REVOLUTIONARY. 


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The rear camera of the iPhone 4 should be officially renamed “The Testi-Cam”. Or “PhallusTIme”