Vintage Clip of KRON 4 Splooging All Over Bike Messengers

One of my favorite shitty lines is from the movie The Sum of All Fears.  My paraphrasing here, but basically a girl is describing her new love, Ben Affleck, to her friend:

Girl 1: On a scale of one to ten, how hot is he?

Girl 2: One to ten? A thirteen.

That quote perfectly sums up this clip.  First, if I had to rate this clip, I would give it an enthusiastic 13 OUTTA 10.  Second, the narrator is such a dork about his love of bike messengers, you can't help but think they are the Ben Affleck of San Francisco.  Enjoy:

(Thanks to commenter cat for the tip!)

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mullet guy at 1:17 is a babe, but these dudes are probably like 50 years old now.

i think this clip has become an official SF meme. makes the rounds every few years. picked up speed in the last six months. even Bike Snob finally picked it up. anyway, since you guys are new to the hood, you’ll be happy to know that Dogpaw is alive and well and living next to me on Capp St. He’s always out and about in the Hood, has a local radio show, is a serious SF treasure and a Mission institution. Plus he’s an awesome, nice guy. Not a cynical bone in his body. All about the love. Unlike all us interweb losers.