Proving that Dykes are People and Hipsters are Savage Animals

If you're like me, you've given up on keeping Dolores Park sanitary and just piss where ever you can.  Hundreds of people are already pissing on the Muni tracks because the city / Rec and Parks doesn't care about black people doesn't care about addressing the obvious shortage of bathrooms.  Some weekends, they make the token gesture of having 4 spaceshuttles parked on Dolores, but that never solves the problem because

  1. The line is still long as fuck
  2. The porta potties are only there some weekends
  3. For some asinine reason, the toilets are occasionally locked during peak park hours.

So yeah, I think this scene for the Dyke March is hilarious.  No matter how crowded the park gets on an everyday weekend, no matter how many people are essentially forced to urinate in public because they can't hold it for the requisite 15 minutes, the city refuses to solve the problem.  Unless it's for Pride Weekend.*

* Yes I know event organizers are required to have porta potties on the scene for events.  That doesn't mask the obvious problem that the park is wicked crowded every weekend that it's above 70 degrees.

(photo by cowperthwait)

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I very much doubt that those lazy few who waddle drunk down to the tracks to the tracks for a piss will change their ways regardless of how long the wait is to use the restroom like an adult.

The City can’t even follow its own rules for events. This was supposed to be a “green event” but there was nothing done to green any aspect of it. Not having composting or recycling at events is illegal, but the dumbasses at Park and Rec and City Hall don’t give a fuck.

STRAIGHT from their website:
Dyke March 2010 Theme

Dyke Planet/Green Planet

Dyke Planet/Green Planet reflects our belief in the need for a healthy planet in order to have a healthy world. This theme is woven into the many issues that are important for true civil and social justice.

yeah fucking right.