Noe Valley Bakery Makes Me Like Noe Valley a Little More

Somedays should really be kicked off with frosting and today was one of those days.  Since I have spent about as much time in Noe Valley as a jungle in Panama, I figured a little urban exploring would be a good way to feed myself.  Worth it, even though I think I broke a sweat ascending 23rd.

Also, their quiche?  Delicious.


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Where are the kittens?

Will UA be liveblogging wine bars as well?


Too bad that new Whole Foods will put them out of business.

I don’t think so. We have more taste then that.
kev, looking forward to the wine bar posts.

As a chocolate lover, you should check out Chocolate Covered on 24th during your next urban exploration.

Chocolate, yes, and best SF-related tins evar. Good for storing awesome things, or furniture foot pads, like we do at my house in the tin with the image of the SF street bearing our name. They do custom, too, which is sweet.