Is the Inner Mission the "Hipster Ditch?"

Curbed SF is declaring “that part of Inner Mission” full of nu-restaurants like Flour + Water should be called “Hipster Ditch.”  (R.I.P. “Media Gulch”).  Clearly the real estate agents, with their evil neighborhood renaming tactics, won't let that name stick, but is it a good one?  Obviously, the word “Hipster” is so over and that part of the Mission seems to my untrained eye to be more hispanic than PBR, but what do I know.  (Link)

(photo by The London Boil)

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Not Lower Noe Valley?

Yes, I was going to say, both the name proposed and this blurb speak of only one thing: total absence of knowledge of any kind with respect to the neighborhood in question. Sorry, dears, but micro-blogging means actually having been there.

My Friends, this part of the mission already has a name. It’s NEMIZ. The north east mission industrial zone. Nemiz is a cool name. Cellspace was one of the first to pick up on the name in some city documents back around 2000. But the real estate boys didn’t like it.

Can we just start calling it that again? Please?

Nemiz. Nemiz. Nee- mizz.