Hori Smoku: RAD FILM

I watched the trailer about the life of Sailor Jerry and was pretty underwhelmed but, alas, I'm a sucker for free movie screenings at the Roxie.  Let me just say this: don't judge a movie by its trailer.  Unless it is for Hot Tub Time Machine.  This movie is full of batshit insane old-timers cursing their way into their 90s and provides an interesting take on a WWII subculture (booze, legal prostitution and, of course, tattoos) that it is hard not to love it.  Sounds a lot like Capp Street circa 2009.

Anyways, one interesting thing I learned that Ed Hardy lives and actively works in San Francisco.  That's right.  The Ed Hardy; the boy that sold his work to fist-pumpers everywhere.  Local hero!

The movie is playing again tonight at The Roxie.  You can RSVP (required) here for free.

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I actually kinda know Ed Hardy. I used to wait on him all the time before the whole brand explosion bullshit when he was just a really well respected tattoo artist in North Beach. I don’t think he still actually works at tattoo city, but the guy is a justifiable legend. It’s too bad the guy’s flash art got co-opted buy the penis wrinkles of the world, but Ed Hardy himself is probably sitting in Las Vegas right now with 13 girlfriends and and a pet snow leopard. I hope I can sell out when I’m in my 60’s. Fuck, I hope I can sell out tomorrow :)

he was at the first screening of this some months back, it’s a dope film, totally worth checking