Gentrifying Gringo's Guide to Watching Mexico vs. South Africa in the Mission

24th is the best place for Soccer.

If you want to start a race war, rooting for South Africa tomorrow at 7am in the Mission is probably the most effective way to make that happen.  But if you just want to get drunk, watch an event as rare as a leap year and join in some global brotherhood, fill that flask full of tequila and/or strawberry smoothies (Cape Town has the most wonderful strawberry smoothies) and slosh around the Mission.  Chavitas #2 on 24th is probably a solid bet for continuing your thursday night bender/starting your bar crawl.  It's the best unpretentious breakfast place in the Mission, has plenty of beer to compliment your free chips and salsa and has a nice tube of a television.  Considering this place is always dead when I go there, I have no idea if it will actually be packed or not, but whatever.  The food is awesome and there is beer.

From there, you should ditch your weapons on the curb and head to El Trebol on 22nd and Capp.  The security guard will feel you up, which may tickle but deal with it, and you can order a bucket of Corona for PBR prices while getting hustled at pool.  Best of all is that you can urinate/puke/shit on my stoop afterwards.  It's a win-win for everybody.

Or you can just read Mission Loc@l and find out where you can rail lines while “watching” soccer.  I kid.  Delirium sounds like a great soccer venue.

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I’m going to be catching games at Caesar’s Cafe on Valencia between 14th and Duboce. The folks who run the place are super-nice, they have have a huge flatscreen, and they’ll have hot coffee for the early morning matches. It also happens to have a medical marijuana dispensary in back.

Well whatever you do, don’t go to Balompie. I would just hate to see you there enjoying the food, the vibe, and whatever that baseball de la pied is.

I’m going to be at the Chieftain at 5th and Howard, because I have work afterward. If anyone wants to join me.

watched 2008 olympics basketball final between usa and spain at delerium. better than you think!