Free Donuts on National Donut Day... except in San Francisco?


Today is National Donut (or Doughnut, if you're fancy) Day, which wouldn't be all that exciting since almost every single day of the year honors some kind of food, but I got excited because Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts are getting in on the action! Krispy Kreme is giving out free donuts (buyer's choice!) at participating locations, which was great when I thought I remembered a Krispy Kreme at Pier 39 from childhood field trips, and sad when I looked at their site and they said the nearest location was in Daly City—1575 Sullivan Ave., to be exact. Dunkin' Donuts is requiring a little more monetary effort on your part, and will only let you wrench a free donut from their grasp once you cough over enough for an iced coffee. I thought surely, there had to be a Dunkin' in SF but nada! zilch! America may “run on Dunkin,” but apparently San Francisco only runs on over-priced brunches, fog, and a loathing for public transportation. What gives with the lack of donut chains in SF? Are independent donut purveyors slanging out free deliciousness? Dynamo at least acknowledges the holiday, but doesn't seem to be jumping on the free donut express. If you know of anywhere spreading their sugary fried holes of love fo' free, holler in the comments section.

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“I thought I remembered a Krispy Kreme at Pier 39 from childhood field trips” WAY TO SHOW YOUR AGE BRO!

does this make me young? old? i don’t get it…i havent been to pier 39 since the early 2000s, but it was still there at that point.

NO FREE DYNAMO?!?! fair enough, considering dynamo donuts are totally worth the serious cash money

They were giving out free donuts at Pop’s last night!

Uh… Isn’t Dunkin only on the least coast???