Do Mission Bars Need Their Own iPhone App?

I'm not 100% sure why this app exists with Yelp and what not, but if you're new to town or bad at filtering out the noise, someone made an app “Mission Bars.”  Because I don't understand iTunes, I cannot give you a link to the app.  Anyways, there are so many bars off the list, perhaps it is just editorializing which are the best?  Mission Bar, Make-Out Room, The Attic, Clooney's (the bar of 2010), Dovre Club, Zeitgeist (not that they need to be put on any more lists), El Trebol, the JayN' Bee Club and many others are all off the list.

That said, the brief descriptions of each bar are generally honest.  Unlikely everyone who denies Doc's Clock is a North Beach/Marina bar, they call out the obvious.  Oddly enough, they don't mention that Delirium is a coke bar.  Shrug.

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This piece of shit costs money?

How hard is it to find a bar in the Mission? What next, an app for shooting fish in a barrel?

This is just the first iteration of the app. We’re adding more bars as soon as our livers recover from the first round. No editorializing intended! And come on, it’s only 99 cents. We need help paying our bar tabs, too.