Bi-Rite Opening a Second Location on Divis

Best non-vegan Halloween costume ever.

Best non-vegan Halloween costume ever.

If you don't read Inside Scoop, you might have missed this: the folks at Bi-Rite are opening a second market (sorry Creamery fans) at Divisadero and Grove.  Paolo says “it's very much TBD,” so maybe they'll have a combination of the market selection with some scoop service.  Interesting part of the piece is that they compare Divis to 18th and specifically compare Golden Gate Park/Alamo to Dolores Park.  Maybe they are preparing for the business hit that the Dolores Park renovation will bring?  I'll personally be spending my lazy afternoons at Potrero del Sol, but that's mainly because I hate crossing Market St.  Is Alamo the next big thing?

(photo by jackhonky)

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BiRite on Divis??? That storefront is kinda tiny, but whatevs. Build faster plz, thanks.

i wish alamo would be the next big thing. but i don’t think so…they’re plenty of reasons why but on a practical/enjoyment level the wind is too intense, pretty much blows you out of the park after 3pm…those afternoon gusts hit the crest of the hill and create a vacuum that sweeps all the way down to the Painted Ladies…it really really sucks. i live a block away and barely ever hang in the park because of the wind. it’s deafening and annoying…plus, they bus in tourists every half an hour to take photos of the Victorians/skyline…which actually, rules. love watching the Asians take that stock photo of themselves leaping into the air throwing the peace sign with the Painted Ladies in the background…it’s really that predictable. would make an amazing coffee table book.

been talking with friends about the new park hangout after dolores…the Panhandle is due for a revival. if it popped in the late 60’s maybe it can pop again…don’t know…

This is excellent news for anyone near Divis who always wanted to pay $7 for a tomato.