Cool Kid Travels: Cambridge Art Wall

I had some time to kill between listening to hipsters talk about sports bras and chugging pints of Magic Hat Circus Boy so I did one of my favorite Boston activities: walking the length of Mass Ave.  Back when I did it, it usually was usually to avoid paying a $1.25 subway fare (earning $7,500 a year didn't go very far, even with $160/month rent) and not photograph graffiti but hey, what the hell.

The last time I was in Central Square was three years ago and this art wall was nothing like it was today.  Meaning, it didn't fucking rule.

This last one was a new Banksy from around the corner that went up during the week.  Unlike SF, people in Boston either don't know who Banksy is or don't give a shit.  The piece of Valencia was photographed to death and for over a week, you couldn't walk past Amnesia without seeing someone gawking.  I was near this thing for a little while and didn't see a single other person glance at it.

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You’ve already forgotten, KevMo- the way to be cool around these parts is to feign indifference to absofuckinglutely everything until you actually become indifferent to everything, bitter, and begin to enjoy telling/listening to inane/boring stories about buying sport bras and how one time the funniest thing happened ever you went out with two different colored socks on because those stories are SAFE.

Lots of people have checked out that Banksy, but by not actually looking directly at it, lest they might be caught in the act of being earnest.

Wow, that was cathartic.