What's up with all the Neo-Nazi horseshit in the Mission lately?

Between vandalizing murals and gay bars, it appears that there is a growing Mission skin-head movement.  This particular piece was spotted yesterday on South Van Ness outside of, wait for it, Love Painting Company.  I know irony is all the rage these days, but this is fucking retarded*.  I know you want to nuke the fags because nuking the world will prevent God from burning us all alive, but if you nuke the Castro, your fellow Nazi taggers won’t be able to sit next to their fixies drinking lattes and PBR in Dolores Park.

But seriously, how many of these little shitheads are running around the Mission?  Let’s just make it clear: if you see one of these people tagging swastikas around the Mission, just beat them into subconsciousness and teach them a valuable lesson.  That’s one assault no one will bother investigating.

* Sorry Sarah Palin, it’s just that I don’t respect you.

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I’m not sure what bothers me more. The rr to entropy or the bad art.
Will keep my eyes peeled but even us closet anarchists have standards.