Is North East San Francisco the “Northeast” of San Francisco?

Ice Tubes, a delicious blog about cooking popsicles, has a pretty compelling list that attempts to prove that Russian Hill/Marina and other parts of SF that I never go to are just like the northeast.  As a former resident and avid fan of New England, I have to protest that their list is only based off of the Cape Cod/Rhode Island “Tea Partay” stereotype (believe me, plenty of those people exist).  Clearly anyone who has ever been to Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont/Western Mass. knows that most of New England, dare I say “the Real New England,” is all rednecks, shotguns, blueberry bushes, pickup trucks, cold-ass winters, nothing but white people, moose, damn good beer, and epic wind.  Therefore, I say that the northeast of San Francisco is Cold Beer, Cold Water.


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well put, Kevin. Totally agree on “real new england”. that photoshop work is pretty tight, though

I too used to live in New England though I currently live in North Carolina. If you think “real New Englanders” are rednecks then you don’t know what a redneck is. People here are far more trigger happy and redneck than almost anyone in New England. I tend to agree with the berries, moose and beer though.

Naw, there aren’t “rednecks” in New England. They’re “townies”, which are just rednecks from north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Clearly you don’t know New England my fellow commenters, the blogger is right.. It is backwoods redneck. I live in New Hampshire and besides for some of the little cities near Massachusettes, it’s all backwoods redecks and farms. But then again if you don’t consider lifted trucks, mud bogging, hunting and fishing redneck, then we must be talking about different things:)