San Francisco Stereotype Alert: Nancy Pelosi's Husband Buys Her Clothes!


Nancy Pelosi is married to a meterosexual! Or homosexual! I mean, do you really think the HBiC could be married to a man who isn’t doing it with other men? Who knows, who cares, best “news” “story” EVER. If my husband was buying my clothes and styling the shit out of me, the least I could do in return is let him do it with other men. Of course, I get to watch and at the same time, he should be feeding me pizza and keeping my trough of dark and stormy’s full. Also, FOOT MASSAGES! Cathy, CAN I GET A WITNESS!? You know what I’m talking about, girl.

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Show me a man with 5 kids by one woman and I’ll show you a married heterosexual.