Air is San Francisco's Soundtrack.

Grace Zheng hipped me to this pretty neat video of San Francisco moving backwards.  Highlights include cigarette smoking, an American Apparel bro walking from a BART station, and a don’t walk light that INCREASES in time.  Got me thinking though: this is the second rad San Francisco video using an Air track.  Does some French electro-chill duo really sum up life in San Francisco?  My life could be easily summed up by avian death metal and Amy Winehouse, but that’s probably because I enjoy needless vandalism, spending quality time at ‘biker bars’ and hangovers.

Comments (3)

Beautiful. The scene with the sax player is perfect because you can’t tell that he’s moving in reverse, too, so it sets up a nice dichotomy in the imagery. Great job.

Needs more cyan, aka a color correct.