Innovation Thursdays: A New Mock Corporate Seminar From YD Industries and Z Space

If you’re experiencing gentrifier guilt or feeling a little sluggish today, it might be a good idea to kick things into gear with a ticket to Z Space’s Innovation Thursdays with YD Industries, an ingeniously deadpan mock seminar designed to ignite innovation in even the dullest of us. Have a laugh at the kind ridiculous vernacular that you probably utilize constantly at work and support an art space in the neighborhood you’re probably homogenizing.

Here's how Z Space describes Innovation Thursdays:

As an extension of the YDIIIG (YD Industries Innovation Igniter Grant), YD Industries is hosting a series of innovation evenings that will be free and open to the public, but simultaneously monetized. Forward leaning individuals are invited to join for an evening filled with innovation, disruption, game-changing, revolutionizing, focus grouping, creativity insourcing, product development acceleration, net casting, bootstrapping, design sprinting, networking, problem solving, succeeding though failing, and beer. With dynamic PowerPoint slides and the occasional guest speaker, YD Industries moderator Steve Musselman will guide participants through the YD Industries developed products, techniques and methodologies designed to ignite the inner innovator. It’s fun, exciting, and will fundamentally change the world.

Tickets for tonight's visionary 8pm tech talk are $15 at the door, or you can save yourself five bucks and get yourself a free beer if you pre-order online.

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