Zach Perkins

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Unlike the rest of Uptown’s authors, Zach doesn’t live in the Mission, at least he hasn’t since Cesar Chavez was still called Army Street. [UPDATE! NEWS FLASH! HELL FROZE OVER: Zach once again resides in your fauxhemian clap trap, but still doesn’t give a shit about Dolores Park ‘politics’]. Zach was born here in the days when places like South Park were better known for trash-can fires, hypodermic needles and being adjacent to the unemployment office, versus the strollers, startups and artisan grilled cheese restaurants you enjoy today. With his bullet-proof ‘local born’ shield, he deftly ignores your bullshit and does battle with his mighty ray of apathy. Zach tweets here, and used to tumblz some stuff here.