SF's Best Kept 'Secret'

Hey guess what, the green energy elixir from Sidewalk Juice is totally a great coffee replacement. April fooools..

But seriously, you guys. SF dirtwave band The Secret Secretaries released a single today that sounds, as my friend Ryan put it, like if Kurt Cobain was the singer for Hum.  Behold:

Pretty sick. Good thing they're playing at Bottom of the Hill tonight. They go on at 9. I'll be the one in the front row with the rubber chicken.

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If you’re going to rip-off Ryan’s facebook post making that comparison you should at least give him credit.

Actually, 99% of my writing is exactly what Ryan posts to facebook.

Also, he was reposting my link.

5 hours before you posted it?

the link I posted all up on my facebook

I am here, because Brian Rusch told me to come here. I am glad I did as I am told…for once. You guys rock! Without being derivative, you have the energy of some of my favorite grunge bands, but with a fresh sound. I love it. Thank you for rocking!


fuck, it does sound like cobain on vocals. too bad i’m going to see mac demarco and phoenix tonight.

whoa…I thought SF music had hit the shitter, replaced by tech dorks. apparently not. wish i found out about this show sooner, you know…so i could have gone.

They’re also playing Elbo Room on the 23rd!

I usually find your music recommendations nausea inducing (to be fair this is how I feel about 99% of your posts), but this is actually good. Color me shocked