Fake Your Own Death Gets Wasted In The Mission

Hey guys,

Welcome to Sierra's Frostown Bandmanac. Hopefully you're ready to head out to all the shows I recommended for tonight. But first, here's some inspiration to get you in the mood.

In their new video, Fake Your Own Death, a group of guys who have lived in The Mission since you were in grade school, tare up Lone Palm, Mission Bar, Beauty Bar, and the Attic to the tune of the band's sad and hopeful new single, Tijuana. There's also definitely some Lucha Libre stuff happening toward the end of the video. All in all, it's one of the Missionest things I've seen all week.

These guys are hitting all the right marks for me: band bonding hour, cute guys in their late 30's*, the original rock'n'roll handlebar mustache, and tasty post-punk guitars. Good show, Fake Your Own Death. These guys are among the few SF bands I'm truly stoked to catch at SXSW.

*very late 30's?

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What non-SF bands are you stoked to catch at SXSW? Do you have two or three off the top of your head? Looking for some recommended random shit to see while I’m down there (aside from the random shit you always end up seeing without recommendations).

Braids, Ume and ISHI are three you listen to and see if you like.

Dude yes.
Dead Gaze, Bleached, Diamond Rings, Wampire, WALL, um… Tegan and Sara (I’m addicted to the new record, sue me), Joey Bada$$, lots more. Alien Ant Farm is playing, which I definitely won’t be missing. Also, the K-Pop thing looks sweet.

Awesome, thanks! Some of those were on my list too, but some I haven’t heard of Dead Gaze or Wall. I’ll check them out. I appreciate it!

My soul is torn asunder and is contorted in twisted knots at the thought that I just can’t stand new music. Everything passed the early ’80s(except for the ’90s Seattle era of “grunge”) just began to completely drip of suckyness to my proletarian ears. The production is just too clean sounding which I lay blame squarely at the feet of digital recording studios, and my heart only yearns for the sweet succulent sounds of analog. My tortured self, alas there is no hope! :(

I must add, even though I know at this point i’m just talking to myself(as if that ever stopped me before, am I right?!?!), but these newer bands do sound better live where their instruments and vocals can take on a more organic feel. Whew! Now I feel a bit better, but still a tad sad.

I’m kinda there with you. Plenty of new music lacks textural moodiness that I love so much from my all-time favorite albums, and often tries to compensate with drowned-out, reverb-blasted vocals and guitars, which does nothing for me.

But there are all kinds of different, brand-new music accessible to us every single day. You can piss and moan about how things have changed, or you can go out in search of new music to love. Big labels aren’t telling you what to listen to, so now it’s up to you to find new music you dig. What better way to be a music fan than to cultivate a music collection totally on your own?