Picture Atlantic: Sick Band

The song Twist featured in Picture Atlantic’s new music video is high-energy and pissed, specifically in the way that a young person gets at an even younger person who has become too big for his (let’s be honest, her) miniscule and well-tailored black britches. It begins with the syllabically contorted and very attractive phrase, “You believe all your rhetoric, and it makes me sick.” This much is plainly evident if we assume that the disease in question is one that renders the victim incapable of controlling his adorable “rock mouth”.

The San Jose-based band doesn’t sound that much like a San Jose band, but more like a band that is already famous. Perhaps some cuter, younger version of a Muse-Train hybrid. (Maybe they too should adopt one of those one-word band names. Map comes to mind. Or how about Bangs?) And they look like they sound. Their new video for the song Twist, off their sophomore release, Digital Tension, depicts them as one very handsome young man and his three average-looking friends having a very intense time playing music in a room.

Twist is Picture Atlantic’s first performance-based (performance-only) video. Singer Nik Bartunek says this has some to do with the band finally gaining enough confidence in their live(ish) appearance to carry an entire video. Indeed, the track, a high-energy, erratic number clocking in at just under two minutes, is a great choice for this endeavour.

In addition to being short and sweet, the song well represents the tone and subject matter explored on the majority of of Digital Tension. Of the album’s lyrical content, Nik writes, “Digital Tension is about my peers, more than anything. Our social norms are digital in nature, so I think a lot of the things that bother me relate to how we live in this country and culture. People are disconnected from reality. People break up with each other over texts. It’s all very cowardly and sad.”

Ah…nothing quite like the musings of a young man who is disappointed in his generation. Twist is more specifically about a certain kind of manipulative girl he encounters regularly, but broadly speaking, it’s fair to say that most of his stuff is about how terrible young people, sometimes himself included, are. Very relatable stuff.

Their next San Francisco date is 02.07 at Bottom Of The Hill w/ Cash Pony.

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You can tell how pissed they are about things by their carefully tailored suits.

The mere mention of Train as anything but a diametrically opposed comparator is a mistake if you are seeking to entice. Do these guys have lyrics about soy lattes or are they just cute? Please let me know where you are putting them on the wangsta spectrum

Oh what Train isn’t your favorite band?

I wish there were a way for you to determine for yourself whether the band has soy-latte lyrics… If only there were a video of theirs or something you could watch and maybe listen to.

Also, please refrain from ever using the word wangsta thanks.

By asking someone to refrain from using the word “wangsta”…..you’ve just opened the door for all of us, petulant children, to take a swing at that low hanging forbidden fruit. Or was that your whole intention, the whole time? Well played, Sierra. Well played, indeed.

An OW(original wangsta) straight out the cul-de-sac

Ehh. Not terrible, just profoundly boring.