Pretty Serious Instagram Art in Blind Cat

I'm no art expert, and please excuse the shittiness of my phone's camera, but go ahead and have a look at this series of Instagram pics that someone inexplicably decided to put up on a wall in Blind Cat.

I'd like to ask you do disregard the hypocrisy of this next sentence, but come the fuck on. Social media has ruined the Mission

Here are some more awesome instagram pics that a person put on a wall. In the physical realm. In a bar. I'm incredulous.

Art is over.

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Shitty artwork? In a bar? Quelle surprise!

The medium does not equal the message. The means of production don’t have bearing on the quality of the art. Didn’t you go to a fancy liberal arts school?

I don’t disagree that social media has ruined the mission, but a better example would be any of the asshole companies, their idiot workers clogging up the sidewalks in their hiking sandals and fleece, and the clientele at Farina’s pizzeria or Craftsman & Wolves. Fuck them.

Are you calling them instagram pictures because of the square format? You do know that medium format cameras have been around for a long, long, time, right?

Obviously you’re not a fucking expert… Anyone who confuses photos shot with a hasselblad with Instagram photos has no place talking about art. Cool blog bro!!!!

I would totally go to that show.

Replying to myself. I read below that the artist used a Hasselblad. I retract my assertions above.

HA! it’s amazing you’re tween ass can’t distinguish the difference between medium format film and an iphone photo. It’s for sure photography/art shows ruining the mission. On the other hand un informed blog posts by girls who moved here a few month ago are the last lines of defense we have in keeping the yuppies out.

Hello, I’m Rob Williamson. All 11 photos in this series where shot on a medium format Hassleblad, wich uses 6x6cm 120 film (a square format camera) and printed on Fuji Crystal archive paper (a anolog chemical process paper). I’m not sure why you assumed they were instagrams, but I’m guessing pure ignorance. Thank you for your interest in my photos. Well done. Excellent write up.

Taking antique-looking photos isn’t as much fun if anyone can do it on their iPhone.

This hobby is over!

Sierra, he’s bent out of shape b/c your ignorant ass got it dead wrong in trying to call out these photos for being Instagram photos. Just own up to the fact that you fucked that part up and we can all shotgun beers and get the fuck over it. Stop H8in in the Bay.

haha you guys are dumb. she is obviously mocking the photographer’s style and subjects. the reason she is calling them instagram photos is because they are so boring and cheesy that they MIGHT AS WELL BE ON INSTAGRAM. it’s like “photography for dummies” if you will…

duh duh duh

AND, any idiot knows that the filters on instagram are replicating REAL cameras.

i havent seen the “exhibit” but i can already tell that they are pictures of this dudes highly uninteresting friends.

why is everyone so mad at her personal review? can’t anyone have a negative review/opinion anymore? just because the dude is ur friend doesn’t mean his work is any good.

have some self-respect about your art criticism people!!

go sierra, i dont know u but u sound hilarious!! dont stop!

bring on the defensive/attacking comments now…

Also, way to change you profile pic to you with a camera you’re pretending to know how to use. You just can’t stop winning can you?

Social media hasn’t ruined the mission. People’s giant egos in combination with seriously bad attitudes have. You said it yourself, you are no art expert. This isn’t even a valid critique, it is a poorly worded and hateful opinion. Also, your opinion on the quality of the photography followed by your personal opinion on social media is a complete non sequitur.

Rob’s photos are actually great. Real photos of real people doing real things shot with a real camera printed on real paper hung in a real bar and now getting a real douchey write up from an “expert in visual art” on the internet. Williamson 1, internet 0.

Rob’s photos are actually great. Real photos of real people doing real things shot with a real camera printed on real paper hung in a real bar and now getting a real douchey write up from an “expert in visual art” on the internet. Williamson 1, internet 0.

d’oh! Double post.

Sierra, I think it’s completely valid to do a write up about work you don’t like, and do so humorously or even mockingly. But your criticism should bear some validity. Looking at your profile, it states “Photojournalism at large. Expert in visual art.”. Being that you’re possibly unaware of the existence of square format 120, and unable to distinguish one of its prints from a filtered iPhone photo, seems to disqualify both those claims.

Ruined the Mission. Yeah yeah. Personally I still love it here, so all of you haters can GTFO if you think it’s “ruined”. THEY ARE PHOTOGRAPHS. IN A BAR. Your whiney asses are what “ruins” the Mission.


can someone explain this +1 thing to me? i don’t think i get it. it’s funny that someone who blames social media for ruining the mission by all indications is the walking, squawking personification of social media. you dissed a genuinely nice and talented dude who has a lot of friends in this post-social media-apocalyptic neighborhood. my only mutual friend with you is my friend from marin’s little brother, which makes sense because seirra frost is the most marin name i’ve ever heard.

LSD ruined art; Social Media just ruined reality.

Sierra Frost you’re retarded

I really respect people who judge a PHOTOGRAPHY show from the Shitty Iphone Photographs that this “Review” (is this really a review? reviews usually have an intelligent reason for criticizing something, rather than writing like a pretentious princess), rather than actually go into the bar and look at the art.

seriously, just because you have a blog doesn’t mean your opinion is worth anything. Worthy opinions are from intelligent people. Your review shows that you have nothing to say but bullshit.

I went to the show. I loved it.

Wow everyone, kinda surprised this is still going on.

Look, Sierra got this wrong. She obviously (well, not obviously) wasn’t being literal when saying these were Instagram pics (I mean, 612x612 wouldn’t even look good when printed anyway), but the sarcasm clearly didn’t hit. It happens–blog posts that miss their mark happen to all us who have ever attempted at doing this. It sucks when we fail to get our point across, but that’s the nature of the beast. And sorry for the photographer that got dragged into this “I see instagram everywhere argh argh argh” rant.

Besides, there’s a man on third with zero outs. Looks like the Giants are going to the World Series. Obama looks like a pitbull ready to sink his teeth into Romney tonight. And it’s still happy hour? Things are lookin’ up…

I think it would have been squashed immediately if Sierra had written something to this effect instead of doubling-down.

I can’t speak for Sierra (nor am I), but having been on that side of a troll/criticism avalanche before… yeah… it’s never fun.

Funny…coming from the ultimate mission bro troll.

You guys are so stupid, this art is what we need MORE of, American Truth Values.

I’ve developed an intense dislike for the artists and his friends based on this comments section.

Any press is good press, if you actually want to sell a dumb photo.

Re the Photos:
They look like snapshots, and no no-one cares what camera was used - the sense of entitlement is painful.

I know this is a blog and everything, but wow, sometimes the snark is just out of control. Often I feel like taking a rape shower after reading this blog….

dammmn. this shit makes me hate blogs. i liked the show, and in the end it was an artist who put alot of work into it, his perspective and made a show. wether you like the work or not, it does take more balls to put your shit out there than bitching about it on a blog. i think uptown almanac took shit a lil too far with this one and im all for opinions, but damn isnt it better to not say anything at all than to shred an artshow? yall just lost me as a reader. and id love to see how many of the people shredding this show have actually done one and put your work out there. just saying peeps- no one likes a hater.

Not to nitpick, but doesn’t doing a blog read by a bunch of people take “balls” and count as “putting your work out there?” dude just took cliche pics and hung em up in a bar that smells like piss.

People need to get over themselves.

come on kids, this misguided teenager is trying so hard to push herself into becoming a local internet celebrity and you guys are just lapping it up. do you really care what she thinks about these photos or anything else? seems like Kevin’s getting lazy and letting the trolls do all the updates … maybe good for page views?

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