Area Photographer Can't Catch A Break

Local photographer Rob Williamson has had a pretty tough week. First, his collection of photos on display in Blind Cat was accused of being nothing more than framed instagram pictures by the venerated art critic, Me. Fortunately for Mr. Williamson, his friends—who I can't help but imagine are probably all the cute kids at leisure in his photos—rallied behind the artist in a staggering tsunami of angry blog comments

Williamson's luck took a turn for the even worse when his exhibit was updated last night during some local sporting event with the curious implementation of humping dog stickers.

Let's take a look. 


(All joking aside, I definitely didn't do this to those pictures. Sorry, Rob.)

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Dumb post. Find a new hobby. Where’s Kevin? Who let this chick write here?

Rad pictures!

Thanks for sharing more of these photographs with us! Now I can conclude that your shitty review was most definitely unwarranted, because I quite like some of those shots. The lighting and atmosphere in the picture with the guy on the motorcycle is very striking, and the portrait of the guy smoking has a great sense of depth.

I have never known, met or heard of Rob Williamsson in my life, but nice work, man. I’m sorry these idiotic bloggers have no idea what constitutes a critique.

Sierra, can you go away and stop blogging now?

Now thats art. Just some really really boring pieces,but add dog humping,and Waaaalaaaa! ART! seriously, the dog humping is what these pieces were missing the whole time. Whoever came and stuck the dog stickers on here is the real artist!

Can you at the very least find another bar to hang out in?

Holy fuck you guys keep taking and taking the bait on this one (and this time she’s even being self-deprecatingly sarcastic towards _herself_). Is this your first time on the internet? Y’all need to yolo out with another cigarette poolside and calm down.

nice harley. you should get a motorcycle.


those humping dog sticker bombs are GENIUS.

this whole thread brought joy to my morning.

Its always a crap shoot when you show your work.

You put yourself out there for the world to praise or to shit on.

In this case you got accused of using instagram and your work is being humped by a yellow lab.

Keep making things. When it’s all said and done, you created.

God created and then he rested.

These should totally be hung at Ritual after this run.

I like them way more now.

Someone needs to photoshop the dog on to her profile picture.

And Sierra Frost sounds like Sierra Nevadas version of Bud Light Lime.

You called it on the framed instagram crap. Those things are trite as fuck.

is the ‘expert in visual art’ on her profile meant to be a joke, too? is this all an Andy Kaufman-esque prank?

hey sierra, for a “photojournalist” “expert in visual art” i don’t see your “work” hanging fucking ANYWHERE. so get a life.

Yeah ROB! getting so much attention. Nice work.

Oh man! Rob, I hope those dogs don’t have you too bent out of shape. I’d totally buy one if they’re for sale!

thank god for dogs

This review is both boring and inflammatory. Do you really go to bars looking for fine art? Grow up. They’re technically very beautiful, which is more than I can say about your writing style.

I have to say that anyone who takes criticism as shitty as this photographer, needs to man up and take the criticism. It’s not Sierras artistic ignorance that we should fault, it’s the photographers lack of concept- Shooting cool looking people with a hassy is not a concept.

I know, maybe I can walk around and take photo of young good looking people and maybe I can also show in a dive bar- maybe even a coffee shop, because that is the dream of any serious photographer.


Sierra -
For starters I would like to say, thank you. You are awesome. I really hope you decide to write about one of my shit shows one day because it will make my Google search results that much more impressive. But anyways.

I’ve been photographed by Rob probably a hundred times & most of the time I wasn’t even aware of it. What I can say about Rob (aside from the fact that he is very tall & handsome & I got to ride his motorcycle earlier - SWOON!) is that there is an undeniable artistry to what he does. He knows how to spot & capture raw moments beautifully - without being invasive. That is not an easy thing to do. Sure, a security camera could do that too but it wouldn’t look as good. We all like to look good! I know you do as well, no matter how many ugly sweaters you buy in protest of hipster fashion or whatever (which actually just makes you look like a hipster circa 2002 FYI). He uses a wide variety of techniques both while shooting & printing his work & he does these things instinctively. I’m no art critic (hey, we have something in common!) but the dude does actually know a thing or two about photography & yknow, I’ve seen him in action. He’s good. Do you know how many shit photographers I’ve had to work with? No I guess you don’t but the answer is - 2.

You may not give a shit about his subject matter or style (I don’t either half of the time) & you may find satisfaction in writing about it online. That’s cool. I just want you to know that while your intention is to shame him - what you’re actually doing is bringing more attention to his work. I figured you’d know that since I Googled you & apparently you have a band. I listened to it but admittedly only for about 30 seconds. Yikes, you guys really suck but that’s just my opinion! I could go on & on right now about how watered down indie rock has ruined rock & roll but I’ve actually already done that at least 4 or 5 times today. Yawn.

My point is that there is no point. On behalf of Rob Williamson’s ego I want to close this blog comment by saying THANK YOU once more & also - I really fucking hate your music. ITS REALLY, REALLY BAD. REALLY.


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