Mantle Sound Core For To Blow Your Mind Up

One of the guys in Mantle Sound Core lives upstairs from me. I ran into him on our stoop yesterday and he told me about how he used to be a private investigator and that his name is Mic Pistol. 

Anyway, I think this video rules. Both the audio and video for this are 100% analog, which I think is great. Also, it's really unusual that I come across a Mission band with a video that was clearly created with the intent to make something special rather than to showcase how cool everybody in the video looks. 

I'm not sure how well I'll be able to articulate this, but Mic also described to me how when they do shows, there's live video projecting onto a screen (or some screens?) that the performers and audience interact with. Something like that. 

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this actually isnt the worst song i’ve heard today. totes

I’ve seen the (almost) full-setup and played with their ARP 2600 synth (the one that made the R2D2 sounds). I approve of this message.

I’m not sure you know what the word analog means.