Blue Bottle Takes Another Stab at Opening in the Mission

After 2010's controversial and ultimately unsuccessful attempt at opening a Blue Bottle in Dolores Park, the ever hot SF coffee chain is fixing to open a cafe next week at the corner of 18th and Alabama, inside the Heath Ceramics factory.  Assuredly welcome news to all the folks who live and work out in the boonies of the Inner Mission, who no longer have to walk all the way to Valencia for a fix.

(Also, the factory itself, which is in the process of opening now, is of interest.  As dvtdl? points out, “not only are they bringing manufacturing jobs to the area, but they are also opening four artist studio spaces, an event space, [and] a shop.”)

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All the way to Valencia? Kevin, you know there’s lots of stuff on 24th street these days. Ever heard of a place called “Philz?” Weird I know. There’s also a place nestled more in the “inner mission” proper called The Atlas Cafe that JUST opened in 1996. check it!

Philz and Atlas? Pssh. Last I checked, they don’t serve Blue Bottle, Ritual, or Four Barrel beans.

Fuck yeah,I’m glad you said it….Philz is crap,and OVERPRICED!!!!(We don’t know the beans that atlas uses)

Yes but Philz butchers the coffee beans with all kinds of adulterations. Nono nono.

coffee bar up the street (mariposa and florida) makes a mean iced coffee.

Its Cafe Gratitude, the Ceramics Cult version. The people who work there all have faces like last month’s issue of Dwell.

As to your sanctimony regarding all the fluffy clay-begotten extras…

“Bringing Manufacturing Jobs to the area” sounds like a line from Breaking Bad. But at least that show knows it s a show.

Artists spaces? What does that mean? A cranial cavity for people who bring artists jobs to the area?

An event space? Why? Artaud is next door.

The only upside to this whole thing is they made the building look un-dumpy. But I can hardly wait until they fold and replace it with the world’s largest pot dispensary.

1) “Bringing Manufacturing Jobs to the area” – From their website ( “Starting in September, our tile will be made on-site, and you’ll be able to view the making process in real time. “

2) “Artists spaces? What does that mean?” – There are 4 studio spaces that will be made available to local artists. I don’t have additional info.

3) “An event space? Why? Artaud is next door.” – Yes, Project Artaud is next door. The Jewish Theater, Joe Goode’s Studio, Theater of Yugen, and Z Space all have space that is available for events (in some form or another). These are dance studios and theaters, however, and often book out 12 to 18 months in advance. That can be a problem for groups/organizations that need to plan something last minute. This new space could help with that.

Regardless, I fail to see how it is a bad thing. I would love to hear specific critiques, though.

4) ” But I can hardly wait until they fold and replace it with the world’s largest pot dispensary.” – Everyone loves pot.

The Starbucks two blocks over can now close. We have enough coffee right there, k’ thx, bye.

Starbucks is not coffee…..

How about opening a new location inside my mouth? It would save a lot of time.

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